AAA+damaged+hair Myth Busters: Hair Edition

It seems with the growth of DIY sites such as Pinterest and Tumblr on the rise, new hair remedies are being created left and right! The question is, can you trust them?? After doing some research, Woman’s Day found the answer to the biggest hair theories!

#1: Cutting your hair regularly, will make it grow faster.

MYTH- “ Cutting ends will prevent damage and encourage stronger, healthier hair, it doesn’t tell the roots to grow faster.” Jenny Cho, Professional Stylist for Suave.

#2: You can’t die your hair while you are pregnant.

MYTH- The hype about avoiding hair dye while being pregnant should be steered to avoid hair dye’s containing Formaldehyde. Not all hair dyes contain this, such as henna-based dyes. Dr. Amy Burkett, MD, a ob-gyn director, does recommend avoiding all hair dye products during the first trimester of pregnancy, but has not found a study to prove hair dye is dangerous during the remaining trimesters.

#3: If you have greasy hair, skip the conditioner.

MYTH- Greasy hair is the over production of an oily substance that is produced by the tissues on the scalp. Conditioner is not the cause of the greasiness, and skipping it won’t help. What is recommended is to use a a clarifying shampoo on the roots and then apply conditioner to the middle of your hair, avoiding lather it on the scalp. Dry Shampoo can also be applied to dry hair. ( Check out Trinity Dry Shampoo which we sell at Reno Blow Dry Bar)

All of these myths, and even more, can be found at,

“Because, Let’s face it, gorgeous hair is the best revenge.”

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