jenna_aboutLet’s be honest here, I have always loved leaving my hairdresser’s chair with that extra skip in my step because wow… my hair looks gorgeous! But no matter how many questions I ask or how closely I watch my stylist’s every move, I can never get it to look that great again! Holding my hands above my head, blasting my hair with heat over and over trying to get the perfect angle; it’s way too much work!

So in the midst of trying to strategically plan my routine hair appointments on the same days I had a party or fun evening planned, I thought why can’t I just get a quick, affordable, polished blowout? When I asked around town, the common response was, “well… it’s Reno.” I knew I needed to bring the big city blowout to the Biggest Little City.

I began my quest by visiting several franchises and locally owned blow dry bars all over L.A., Santa Monica, San Francisco and more. Once I had my concept in mind, I headed back home and put it to action. A blowout is much more than just service for celebrities, it improves self confidence which fortifies inner beauty.