Jennifer Aniston, Ellen Pompeo, Kate Beckingsale and Reno Blow Dry Bar all have something in common, our love for Ficcare Clips!

Ficcare is a family owned company that produces Hair Pins, Barrettes, Pony Holders, Hair clips, and so much more! What makes them so special? Our favorite thing about the Hair Clips is that they do not leave a dent in your hair, which makes them perfect to sleep in! Another awesome fact about the clips is variety of ways you can wear them! Partial Updo, and a French Twist are just two of the styles. Along with the rest of the Ficcare products, the clips come in many different sizes and colors. Other companies have tried to produce similar products but Ficcare is so unique there isn’t any other clip that comes close to it.

Our stylist suggest uses the clips to help maintain your blowout, or for days when you don’t have time to receive a blowout. Ficcare clips are not hard on your hair so they won’t leave a dent or even damage your hair!

Make sure to purchase your Ficcare Clip at your next appointment, or go to to find out more about these amazing products.


“Because let’s face it, gorgeous hair is the best revenge.”

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