How to Make your Blowouts Last Longer

Love your blowouts and want more? Here are some handy-dandy tips to make your blowouts last longer!

thst1. Dry Shampoo

Spraying Dry Shampoo on the scalp is one of the best things you can do to maintain your blowouts! The Dry Shampoo will absorb the oil that has built up that makes your hair look greasy and dirty. (Pick up your bottle of Trinity Dry Shampoo at Reno Blow Dry Bar)

2. Be careful when you sleep.

During your sleep so much happens with your hair. For one, most people sleep on cotton pillows which are really hard on your hair. Stylist, for Lifestyle Mirror, say the best thing to do is to sleep with a silk or satin pillow case. They will reduce the friction on your hair. Also during your sleep, you sweat and that sweat will cause moisture in your hair, which is a huge way for your style to get destroyed.

3. Stay clear from moisture.

Any kind of moisture is upsetting for your blowout. If you need to shower, wear a really good shower cap and don’t make the water hot enough to steam the bathroom. Also, going to the gym, or even sleeping like mentioned before will cause sweat and moisture. Do your best to prevent moisture!

4.Shine it!

After the Dry Shampoo and a day or so of wear, the shine that your hair had on the first day might have faded away. So to perk up your blowout and give it salon look everyday, spritz some shine spray to your hair. But remember, a little goes a long way.


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“Because, Let’s face it, gorgeous hair is the best revenge.”

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