The Do’s And Don’t’s of Washing Your Hair!

hair-wash_1623709cMany articles, and probably even your stylists continue to talk about the importance of your hair washing routine, but what really is the proper way to wash your hair? Should we wash everyday, every other day? Use the same shampoo, or switch things up? Let’s hear what the experts say:

Less is More- The truth for healthier looking hair, and for a longer blowout is not washing the hair everyday. Some experts say to go 2-3 days between shampooing your hair for the best look. To help your hair stay clean, and non-greasy they recommend a Dry Shampoo.

One is Best- Switching shampoo’s is not better for your hair. If anything it does not do much anything different.

Shampoo on top, Conditioner on Bottom- When washing, focus the shampoo more on the roots to cleanse and the conditioner on the shaft and ends to help maintain moisture and give that shiny look.

Conditioner is Good!- Some people think conditioner only makes their hair greasy and does more harm than good, but that isn’t true. As mentioned before it is good for the ends of your hair, however you should not put so much on the roots of your hair. Natural Oils are healthy and will help condition the roots, so too much conditioner will overwhelm them.


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